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Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Super 30’ inspiration Anand Kumar is suffering from brain tumour

The mathematician Anand Kumar before the release of his biopic ‘Super 30’ starring Hrithik Roshan revealed that he is suffering from a brain tumor and wanted his biopic to release as soon as possible. Anand Kumar is suffering from an acoustic neuroma, which is a rare form of brain tumor. He further said about his condition in 2014 where he was unable to hear from his right ear and after several tests it was found that 80-90% of the hearing ability of his right ear was destroyed. Src: https://bit.ly/2LgxUAN

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Akshay Kumar only Indian star to feature in Forbes World's Highest Paid Entertainers List

Akshay Kumar is the only Indian actor to feature in the recently released Forbes World's Highest Paid Entertainers' list for 2019. Kumar is ranked at 33rd spot beating Hollywood actors like Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper. According to Forbes, Akshay Kumar is paid between Rs 34 crores to Rs 68 crore per movie and earns millions from endorsement deals with over 20 brands. Src: https://bit.ly/2YLicQZ

TMC MP plays football in Parliament, appeals PM to promote the game

Trinamool Congress MP Prasun Banerjee, in a bid to promote the game suddenly began playing football in Parliament, which left everyone stunned. Banerjee, a retired international footballer, in an interview said that he will request the Prime Minister and the Sports Minister to promote football in India as well as at the International level. He added, "There is no politics in it and we can do it keeping ourselves above politics". Banerjee said he hopes that India will play football in the World Cup one day. Src: https://bit.ly/32nNKP9

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Don't even think about retirement: Lata Mangeshkar urges MS Dhoni

Amid rumours of MS Dhoni's possible retirement from International Cricket, legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar urged Dhoni to not even think about it. The veteran singer on her Twitter handle urged Dhoni to stay back as the Country needs the sportsperson like him. Mangeshkar's tweet was supported by 14,000 people.

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