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NASA credits Shanmuga, an engineer from Chennai for finding a crash piece of Vikram lander

A Chennai-based engineer, Shanmuga Subramanian was instrumental in helping NASA finding a piece of debris of ISRO’s Vikram Lander of its Chandrayaan-2 mission on the lunar surface. Earlier this morning, the mechanical engineer took to his Twitter handle and shared a screenshot of an email received by him in which NASA officially thanked him for informing the organization about the debris, following which the team compared the old and new images of the impact site and found some change. With this, NASA confirmed the crash site and also gave him credit for his findings. Src: https://bit.ly/33KIO6o

South Korea-based LG patents its outward-folding phone

LG has patented a new foldable device with an outward-folding design which is similar to Huawei's Mate X with three cameras on the left side of the screen. According to media reports, the patent diagrams show the device unfolded and the cameras can be used for taking selfies and for video recording while they function as rear cameras when folded. The patent was filed back in May 2019 before it was published on 29th November. The phone looks like a standard smartphone, but the screen can be extended to both sides, making the display wider. Src: https://bit.ly/34LnBdQ

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5-year-old girl kidnapped and found dead in an abandoned building in Indore

In Indore, a five-year-old girl was abducted when she was sleeping with her parents under a bridge. After the girl went missing, her parents lodged her missing report. During the investigation, the police found her dead body in an abandoned building. The Police suspected that the victim was raped and they have sent her body for the post-mortem. Src: https://bit.ly/33DHMcs


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19-year-old boy attacked by 3 minors in Delhi, arrested

Recently, in Raghubir Nagar of Delhi, a 19-year-old identified as Aman was attacked by 3 minors who were students of Class 12. Aman and the prime accused had a heated argument over a female friend and due to that the accused stabbed Aman with a knife in his abdomen. The police have arrested three accused and registered a case against them. Src: https://bit.ly/34KFcCX


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