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Shashi Tharoor backs PM Modi's one word a day in Indian language challenge

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has supported PM Modi's suggestion of all Indians learning one word a day in any language. Tharoor in his Twitter handle wrote, "PrimeMinister @NarendraModi ended his speech at the #manoramanewsconclave by suggesting we all learn one new word a day from an Indian language other than our own. I welcome this departure from Hindi dominance & gladly take him up on this #LanguageChallenge". Tharoor further wrote that in response to the PM Modi's language challenge, he will tweet a word daily in English, Hindi, and Malayalam and others can do this in other languages. "Here is the 1st one: Pluralism (English); bhulvaad bhulavaad (Hindi); bhuvcnN bahuvachanam (Malayalam)", he included. Src: https://bit.ly/2PnFXyk

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PM Narendra Modi: 12,500 Ayush Centres to be set up pan India

Prime Minster Narendra Modi on Friday said that a target of setting up 12,500 Ayush centres across India has been set by the government, 4000 of which will be set up this year. At the Yoga Awards ceremony, he also stressed the need to create a homogeneous system by creating an "Ayush grid" on the lines of one nation, one tax and one nation, one mobility card. "We are opening 1.5 lakh health, wellness centers," he added. Modi also pitched for merging technology with tradition in the practise of Ayush medicine. Src:https://bit.ly/30MqRDM

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Mumbai: Aspiring actress commits suicide, jumps off terrace of her apartment

In Mumbai's Oshiwara area, an aspiring actor Pearl Punjabi has committed suicide by jumping off her resident apartment. According to the media reports, Pearl had been trying to get into the film industry for long but didn't succeed. The police stated that she was mentally disturbed and had tried to suicide earlier too but was saved. Pearl also used to have continuous fights with her mother, police added. A case has been registered regarding the matter. Src: https://bit.ly/2zyg9oI


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PM Modi suggests media to publish one word in 10-12 languages to unite different cultures

PM Modi, while inaugurating the third edition of the Manorama News Conclave in Kochi through video conferencing, stated, "Today, I have a humble suggestion. Can we use the power of language to unite? Can media play the role of a bridge and bring people speaking different language closer? We can simply start with publishing one word in 10-12 different language spoken across the country". Modi further said that once a person learns other Indian languages, he will come to know the commonality and will truly appreciate the unity in Indian culture. He added, "Language has also been exploited by selfish interests to create artificial walls in the country to divide". Do you think it's a good move to unite people of various dialect? Src: https://bit.ly/2HyCwPh

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