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Apple, Google and now Samsung too ditched the headphone jack in their devices

The Sony Walkman’s innovative 3.5mm headphone jack which was founded in 1970 and remained till recently is on the verge to get extinct. In 2016, Apple was the first one to opt-out and not to include it in their iPhone 7. After which many tech companies took a similar step. And now Samsung too has currently decided to whack the headphone jack from their upcoming Galaxy Note 10. Samsung took every opportunity to ridicule Apple for removing the headphone jack when they did, claimed the media reports. Src: https://cnb.cx/2NHV7w3

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Mamata Banerjee on updated NRC list: The fiasco has exposed those who used it for political mileage

WB CM Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that the whole National Register of Citizens (NRC) case in Assam has exposed those who tried to take political mileage out of it. The updated final NRC, which validates bonafide Indian citizens of Assam, was out on Saturday, with over 19 lakh applicants who failed to make it to the list having an uncertain future. Mamata Banerjee reacted on Twitter saying that, "The NRC fiasco has exposed all those who tried to take political mileage out of it. They have a lot to answer to the nation." Src:https://bit.ly/2zQgnYx

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From Sunday, booking train tickets online will become costlier

Indian Railways has opted to bring back service charges on its e-tickets from Sunday. Service charges had been withdrawn after demonetisation in 2016 in a bid to encourage digital payments. Now, people looking to make payments for their tickets using the web will once again have to pay additional tax. Service charges will be restored on tickets booked through IRCTC, additionally, Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applicable separately on each ticket. Do you think additional tax being charged is justified? Src:https://bit.ly/2ZuhM5Y

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Delhi: 26 year-old shoots himself to frame ex-girlfriend's new lover

In a bizarre move, a 26-year-old youth shot himself to frame a man who was close to his estranged girlfriend. The incident took place in Delhi on Monday. Sabir wished to frame Puneet in an attempt to distance him from a woman who recently broke up with Sabir. Sabir informed the police that a man who had a personal enmity with him had shot him. Initially, police arrested Puneet, who was friends with Sabir's former girlfriend. Soon, police realized his claims were false. Sabir confessed that he was upset with the girl's proximity with Puneet and decided to frame him. Src:https://bit.ly/32dPvh1


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