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Kerala homeless man waves away cops approaching him with food, ensures social distancing

A touching video of three policemen in Kerala offering food to a homeless man, while the latter tries to ensure social distancing in times of coronavirus has surfaced online. The video shows the three policemen entering a bylane where they spot a man lying in front of a shop. As one of them moves forward, the latter stops him, draws a circle with a stone and asks him to leave the food there. The policeman did that and the homeless man takes the same while covering his mouth with his shirt. Src: https://bit.ly/2y88rnS


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Never heard a President openly threaten like this: Shashi on Trump's 'retaliation warning'

Reacting to US President Donald Trump’s warning of "retaliation" if India doesn't release Hydroxychloroquine ordered by US to treat coronavirus, Congress' Shashi Tharoor tweeted, "Never have I heard a Head of State or Govt openly threatening another like this." He further added, "What makes Indian hydroxychloroquine "our supply", Mr President? It only becomes your supply when India decides to sell it to you.” Src: https://bit.ly/3e1wq8I

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PM Modi asks G20 world leaders for proactive response to tackle Covid-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today attended G20 summit and urged the world leaders to come out with a roadmap to save people and help economically weaker sections of society due to the unprecedented challenges brought by Coronavirus pandemic that has taken over 19,000 lives and infected over 5 lakh people globally and led multiple nations into economic depression. "Covid-19 has offered an opportunity to look at a new concept of globalization. One that also focuses on humanity, climate change, and terrorism other than economic & financial aspects,” said PM Modi. The G20 countries has pledged to infuse $5Mn to to tacke Covid-19 crisis Src: https://bit.ly/2UGumK6

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Railways to convert coaches into isolation wards

The govt is preparing a long fight against Coronavirus. As the rate of infection in India is surging, the medical services might need external support, so the Indian Railway has decided to convert coached into isolation wards for coronavirus patients. The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala has been asked to convert LHB coaches into isolation wards, the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, the makers of Train 18 (India’s first electric semi-high speed train), is attempting to manufacture ventilators. The coach turned isolation wards will be available in rural and remote areas. Src: https://bit.ly/2QKwm39

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