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Don’t get into a trap: Anupam Kher after Gambhir demands action on a attack done on Muslim Man

After BJP leader Gautam Gambhir condemned the attack on a Muslim man and demanded action against it from Gurugram Authorities on Twitter, the actor Anupam Kher tweeted, “Dear @GautamGambhir !! Congratulations on your win. As a passionate Indian it made me very happy. Not that you have asked for my advise but still- Don’t get into a trap of getting popular with a section of media. It is your work that will speak. Not necessarily your statements".

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Congress leader, supporters and allies urge Rahul Gandhi not to resign

The Congress supporters protested infront of Rahul Gandhi’s residence at Tughlak road holding placards to urge him to withdraw his resignation as Congress Party president. Various other leaders from Congress party as well its allies have urged Rahul to stay back as party chief.


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Sunny Deol entered Politics with Right intentions: Abhay Deol

Actor Abhay Deol said that his cousin Sunny Deol, who recently won the Lok Sabha seat from Gurdaspur on BJP’s ticket, has got into politics with right intentions. Abhay said that his cousin brother is passionate about serving the right to people.

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Kejriwal wishes Arun Jaitley speedy recovery and a healthy life

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wished Arun Jaitley a speedy recovery and a healthy life on Twitter after the former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote a letter to PM requesting him not to include him in new Cabinet, citing health problems. Arvind tweeted, “Wish @arunjaitley ji speedy recovery and a healthy life. I have known him since many years and despite political differences, I have always found him to be affectionate and warm".


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