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Santanu Maitra stand with @dalailama for this stand @santanumaitra

Dalai Lama: After my death, my successor will be from India and not from China.

Dalai Lama, spiritual leader said on Monday to Reuters that after his death, his incarnation will be found in India where he has lived for more than 60 years. Dalai Lama fled to India after a protest against chinese rule failed in 1959. He has worked to attain global support for cultural and liguistic autonomy in his homeland.

I stand with @dalailama

I stand with @dalailama

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Santanu Maitra stand with @indiandiplomat for this stand @santanumaitra

India lodges strong protest against Pakistan for Harassment of Indian Diplomats in Islamabad.

Indian High Commission in Islamabad alleged Pakistan for harassing Indian diplomats there. There were several incidents of harassment with Indian Diplomats between March 9 -11. Indian High Commission has sought to protest against it, they have issued “non verbale” to Pakistan Foreign Ministry on March 13. The “non verbale” included all the harassment incidents in details. According to NDTV reports Two Deputy Indian High Commissioner were aggressively stalked by Pakistan personnel on March 9 & 10. And Pakistani personnel were observed keeping surveillance outside Indian High Commissioners house.

I stand with @indiandiplomat

I stand with @indiandiplomat

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Santanu Maitra stand with @bjpgovt for this stand @santanumaitra

Nirav Modi is expected to be arrested in UK.

Fraudster Diamond Merchant will soon be arrested and is expected to appear in Westminster Magistrate court in next week. According to TOI’s report, CBI and ED team will be flying to London with in next week to submit evidence to support Nirav’s arrest. The reports also suggested that there is no danger of Nirav leaving UK because he doesn't have document to fly another country.

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BJP’s Pramod Sawant becomes the next C.M of Goa.

Dr. Pramod Sawant of BJP took oath as Chief Minister of Goa in midnight yesterday. Along with him 11 mininsters took oath. The 45 year old MLA belongs from Sanquelim constituency. Promod Sawant is an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner.

I stand with @pramodsawant

I stand with @pramodsawant

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