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Sangeet Garg voted "Yes" @sangeetgarg 13 May 2019 At 05:51 PM

Should the content on Online platforms like Amazon prime & Netflix be censored?

The Supreme Court in India has directed center to give a response on the framing of guidelines that regulates Online Video Streaming. This move by SC came after a Delhi NGO filed petition seeking to regulate the online content on Netflix, Alt Balaji, Amazon Prime, Hotstar for showing bold content. As a reader, what do you think? Is SC’s move correct or the audience has the right to watch whatever they want? What do you think about the content? Is it ‘sexually explicit’ or has ‘vulgar content’? Should online video content monitored & censored?

Can't say


Sangeet Garg stand with @prakashjavadekar @sangeetgarg 13 May 2019 At 05:51 PM

"Mamata's anger out of losing election; sees CRPF as RSS workers" - Prakash Javedekar

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said, "Because of her anger on losing the elections, Mamata believes that CRPF personnel are RSS workers and says that RSS workers come dressed as CRPF personnel." This was to the reference when Banerjee said that she fears BJP & RSS activists to have entered the state sporting the uniform of forces to influence voters.

I stand with @prakashjavadekar

I stand with @prakashjavadekar

39 votes

I don’t

12 votes

Sangeet Garg doesn't stand with @kamalhaasan @sangeetgarg 13 May 2019 At 12:29 PM

"Independent India's first terrorist is a Hindu" - Kamal Haasan

Kamal Hassan said "I am not expressing this because many Muslims are here. I am expressing this in front of Mahatma Gandhi's statue. In independent India, the first terrorist is a Hindu and his name is Nathuram Godse (the man who killed Mahatma Gandhi)."

I stand with @kamalhaasan

I stand with @kamalhaasan

18 votes

I don’t

83 votes

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Sangeet Garg reacted Great @sangeetgarg 13 May 2019 At 12:30 PM

Meet a Robot that serves food in Karnataka based restaurant

A Karnataka based restaurant Uphara Darshini is fully automated with Humanoid robots. The robots take orders from the customers and serve them food too. The human-shaped robots are programmed to speak in English and Kannada. The owner of the restaurant, L Raghavendra said, “We have spent Rs. 5.5 lakh to set up it up, the restaurant is one year old”. This restaurant is third in the country to operate Humanoids Robots.


That's Great

32 votes

That's Sad

9 votes