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Sandeep Singh voted "301-350" @sandeepsingh7080 13 May 2019 At 11:51 AM

How many seats NDA will win in 2019 lok sabha election?

This is a contest poll. Select your guess and if your guess will go correct then we will give tablet to lucky winners. All you need to do is just predict a right option and share this poll in your timeline. Results will announce after election on our page.

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Sandeep Singh doesn't stand with @mamatabanerjee @sandeepsingh7080 01 Apr 2019 At 08:47 AM

Remove Modi, Save Nation: Mamata Banerjee Challenges Modi for an Open Debate.

TMC leader, Mamata Banerjee during a election rally organised by TDP in Vishakapatnam on Sunday chanted a slogan. “Modi hatao, Desh Bachao”. The leader also challenged Modi to have an Open Debate smiliar to US Presidential election debate. She said, “if they can do it in abroad, why can’t we do one here”. She further called this election ‘Special’ and said, “This is a special election. You must know whom do you vote.. We will not let Modi win”. Later through a sharp attack at BJP, she said, “You don’t worry, we will have a PM candidate”.

I stand with @mamatabanerjee

I stand with @mamatabanerjee

23 votes

I don’t

197 votes

Sandeep Singh doesn't stand with @arvindkejriwal @sandeepsingh7080 01 Apr 2019 At 08:47 AM

Rahul has said No to Alliance with AAP in Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi C.M Arvind kejriwal confirmed to the reporters on Monday that the Congress Party has denied to forge an alliance with AAP. The party leader said, “We have met Rahul. Sheila is not that important leader..He refused to Join hands with AAP”. Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has been urging congress to form an alliance but there has been a constant political divide over the issue.

I stand with @arvindkejriwal

I stand with @arvindkejriwal

9 votes

I don’t

156 votes

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Sandeep Singh doesn't stand with @ChoteLalKarwar @sandeepsingh7080 01 Apr 2019 At 08:48 AM

Embarrassment for BJP as his own Dalit MP accuses Yogi Adityanath for discrimination, says he was ‘thrown out’ from Yogi’s office.

BJP’s Dalit MP Chote Lal Karwar from Robertganj Constituency wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi stating that he was mistreated for being Dalit at the hands of UP CM Yogi Adityanath and was ‘thrown out’ of latter’s office. It is very contradictory to what BJP claims as ‘Pro Dalit’ Party. Infact PM Modi had several time spoke that his government has done alot to honor Dalit icon ‘BR Ambedkar’.

I stand with @ChoteLalKarwar

I stand with @ChoteLalKarwar

9 votes

I don’t

130 votes