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Rishabh Deo stand with @newzealand @rishabhdeo 15 Mar 2019 At 06:56 AM

9 dead in gun fire at Mosque during Friday prayer in New Zealand.

In a horrifying incident, A gunman in New Zealand opened fire at Mosque which killed between 9 to 27 worshippers. The gunman shot and posted the incident on internet. The video is viral and shows the gunman driving to one mosque and shooting at worshipers. The worshippers are seen dead and wounded in the video. A Bangladesh Cricket was about to arrive the same Mosque for Friday prayers when shooting but all the members have bee reported safe. New Zealand police Commissioner Mike Bush said as far as we know.. multiple fatalities occurred at two mosque. A Police man had taken one in custody but not sure if others were involved and people should stay away from mosques.

I stand with @newzealand

I stand with @newzealand

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I don’t

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