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Mukesh Ambani helps his younger brother to clear Rs. 453 crore dues to Ericsson.

Almost 10 years of rough patch between Mukesh and Anil Ambani, the latter stepped out to save his younger brother Anil from prison by funding Rs. 453 crore that Reliance Communications owed to Ericsson. Anil Ambani thanked Mukesh and Nita Ambani for standing by his side during such crisis. On feb 20 Apex court passed an order which said if Anil failed to pay dues to Swedish Telecom in four weeks, he would face imprisonment.

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BJP’s Pramod Sawant becomes the next C.M of Goa.

Dr. Pramod Sawant of BJP took oath as Chief Minister of Goa in midnight yesterday. Along with him 11 mininsters took oath. The 45 year old MLA belongs from Sanquelim constituency. Promod Sawant is an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner.

I stand with @pramodsawant

I stand with @pramodsawant

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“It is a huge plus for Virat to have someone like M.S Dhoni around for the world cup. He brings alot of experience and knowledge in the game", Ricky Ponting praises M.S Dhoni.

Former Australian cricket Captain Ricky Ponting stated that MS Dhoni plays a vital role during matches, especially during crucial stage of matches, his expertise and knowledge brings in huge plus for the team. He said “it’s nice to have someone like Dhoni in tour corner... the match winning quality of Dhoni is somewhat overlooked to a certain degree”.

I stand with @rickyponting

I stand with @rickyponting

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BJP’s #mainbhichowkidaar receives over 1.5 Million tweets.

BJP’s Chowkidaar became the top trending word on twitter since last two days. Alongwith with the hashtag #mainbhichokidaar and #chowkidaarphirse, BJP supporters also added prefix ‘Chowkidaar’ to twitter handles. Twitter statistics shows that #mainbhichowkidaar received over 1.5 Million mentions where as #Chowkidaarphirse received 3,00,000 mentions.The anti-chowkidaar slogan #chowkidaarchorhai received hardly 1,63,000 mentions.

I stand with @bjp

I stand with @bjp

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