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Rahul Sharma voted "301-350" @rahulsharm9852 24 Apr 2019 At 03:50 PM

How many seats NDA will win in 2019 lok sabha election?

This is a contest poll. Select your guess and if your guess will go correct then we will give tablet to lucky winners. All you need to do is just predict a right option and share this poll in your timeline. Results will announce after election on our page.

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Rahul Sharma voted "No" @rahulsharm9852 05 Apr 2019 At 04:01 PM

Is Rahul Gandhi capable enough to be PM of India?

2019 elections are just a few days away. Citizen needs to vote and choose a new government. Tell us, what do you think about opposition leader Rahul Gandhi? Vote 'YES' or 'NO' by choosing below buttons and share this poll with your circles

Rahul Sharma doesn't stand with @RahulGandhi @rahulsharm9852 15 Mar 2019 At 09:58 AM

Do you think India should have flat 18% GST?

Congress in its Manifesto of 2019 Lok Sabha Election plans to scrap 5 different section of GST and merge it to Single 18% GST. According to Congress manifesto a single rate of 18% GST tax will be implemented on all products.

I stand with @RahulGandhi

I stand with @RahulGandhi

6 votes

I don’t

89 votes

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Rahul Sharma stand with @unsc @rahulsharm9852 15 Mar 2019 At 09:58 AM

“China should not prevent UN panel from doing the job the council had entrusted it to do”, UNSC Diplomat slams China over Masood Case.

A day after Beijing used it Veto power to prevent Jaish-e-Mohammad Terrorist Masood Azhar from being listed as Global terrorist, one of the UN Security council expressed disapproval. The Diplomat said, “China should not protect terrorists from Pakistan or any other country from being held accountable to the council.”.. the diplomat warned, “ if China continues to block designation, responsible member states may be forced to pursue other actions at the Security Council”.

I stand with @unsc

I stand with @unsc

59 votes

I don’t

2 votes