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Putnala Srinivas Hindu stand with @NarendraModi @putnalasrinivashindu 15 Mar 2019 At 04:11 AM

“Your Great Grandfather gifted China a seat in UNSC”, BJP takes row over Rahul on Masood Azhar.

Congress Chief and BJP ended up in twitter war after China rejected the proposal to ban Masood Azhar. As soon as China took this decision Rahul jibed Narendra Modi on Twitter, he said, “Namo’s China Diplomacy..swing with Xi in Gujarat, Hug Xi in Delhi and Bow to Xi in China”. He slammed Modi on China Diplomacy. Few minutes later BJP attacked Rahul by saying that China got seat in United Nation Security Council through Jawahar Lal Nehru, grandfather of Rahul. They also claimed that India is undoing mistakes of Gandhi family and Rahul that keeps cosying up with Chinese envoys secretly.

I stand with @NarendraModi

I stand with @NarendraModi

76 votes

I don’t

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Putnala Srinivas Hindu stand with @NarendraModi @putnalasrinivashindu 08 Mar 2019 At 04:23 PM

“You will be ashamed to know that not one, I repeat not one bulletproof jacket was obtained during UPA government” : Narendra Modi

PM Modi during India Today Conclave on saturday claimed that the not even a single bulletproof jacket for Army was procured during UPA 2009 to 2014 regime. This revelation was supported after India Today Anti Fake News War Room researched and found out that bulletproof jackets were not made available despite repeated tenders during UPA tenure.

I stand with @NarendraModi

I stand with @NarendraModi

106 votes

I don’t

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Putnala Srinivas Hindu voted "No" @putnalasrinivashindu 12 Mar 2019 At 10:11 AM

Should Kashmir be an independent state?

The territory of Kashmir (officially Jammu and Kashmir) has been disputed since India’s independence in 1947. Although both Pakistan and India lay claim to it, a movement for Kashmiri independence first gained momentum in the 1980s.

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