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Bilawal Bhutto son of former Pakistan P.M Benazir Bhutto questions Pak, “why are terrorists who attack other nation are free”?

Bilawal Bhutto Zaradari rebuked Pakistan’s nature of harboring and defending terrorists who attacked other countries. Bilawal, chief of People Party of Pakistan, while talking to Pakistani Reporters, asked the Pak govt that why there is contrast between punishment given to his mother and father and lack of action taken against terrorists. Bhutto also claimed that there are 3 minister in Imran Khan’s political party ‘Tehreek -e- Insaf’ who are linked to banned terrorist groups .

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NSUI lodges complaint against PMO in Rafale deal case.

Congress affiliated National Students Union of India on March 12 lodged Complaint against PMO for ‘corruption’ in Rafale Deal case. The complaints were registered in various state capital police stations. One of the NSUI member said, “Rafale deal has led to massive loss to public’s money by replacing HAL with Reliance Defence in parallel negotiations led by the misuse of PM’s office by Mr Modi in a personal capacity”.

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“False appeals”, Arvind Kejriwal reacts to Narendra Modi’s Vote appeal tweet.

PM Narendra Modi today Morning posted 29 tweets and tagged 90 public figures and organisation to help in getting out votes in Lok Sabha Election but he didn’t tag Arvind Kejriwal. In response of PM’s appeal Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal called PM’s outreach as ‘false appeal’ by saying that lakhs of voters name were removed from voter’s list and when AAP tried to get back them registered, Amit Shah threatened to shut the Call centers.

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