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Piyush Saxena voted "BJP led NDA" @piyushsaxena 11 Apr 2019 At 01:35 AM

Which government did a better job for India's growth?

In the last ten years, India was ruled under Modi and Dr. Manmohan Singh's government. What do you think? Which government did a better job for India? Vote below and share this poll in your circles.

Congress led UPA






Piyush Saxena voted "No" @piyushsaxena 06 Apr 2019 At 05:01 PM

Is Rahul Gandhi capable enough to be PM of India?

2019 elections are just a few days away. Citizen needs to vote and choose a new government. Tell us, what do you think about opposition leader Rahul Gandhi? Vote 'YES' or 'NO' by choosing below buttons and share this poll with your circles

Piyush Saxena voted "BJP" @piyushsaxena 07 Apr 2019 At 03:55 AM

Which party will win 2019 Lok Sabha election in Delhi with Majority seats?

What do you think? Which Party will win? Will it be AAP, BJP or Congress? Let us know by doing a vote. Share this on FB/Whatsapp & invite others.

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Piyush Saxena stand with @azimpremji @piyushsaxena 14 Mar 2019 At 11:00 AM

Wipro Chairman announced to donate Rs 53,000 crore MORE to his Foundation.

Wipro Chairman Azim Premji on Wednesday announced to donate humongous 34% shares of company for charity. Wipro Chairman runs Azim Premji Foundation. The foundation said,” with this action the total value of the philanthropic endowment corpus contributed by Premji is $21 billiom, which includes 67% of economic ownership of wipro”. This move makes it one of the biggest foundation in the world.

Kudos to @azimpremji