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nilesh pujara great @nileshpujara90 21 May 2019 At 03:21 PM

24-Year-old Dharavi Boy is arrested because of performing Risky Stunts on Road

On Monday, Bandra police have arrested a Dharavi boy for allegedly performing and recording risky stunts on his bike and uploading them on YouTube and Tik Tok. Accused in his defense claimed that the videos were shot in 2016 but while cross-checking YouTube details proved otherwise. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandeep Bhajibhakare said, “The videos, in which the accused was seen doing wheelies and other stunts, went viral on Sunday night and after examining them, we identified the area where they were shot as Bandra Reclamation.”


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nilesh pujara doesn't stand with @mukhtarabbasnaqvi @nileshpujara90 21 May 2019 At 03:22 PM

"Oppositions are insulting the vote of the people by blaming EVMs" - Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi slams opposition parties

Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, "People who are questioning EVMs are those who formed the government by this system. By EVMs, Congress also formed its government. They are making such wild claims as they have realised that they are loosing. By blaming EVMs they are insulting the vote of the people".

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nilesh pujara liked this post @nileshpujara90 21 May 2019 At 03:18 PM

अग्रेंजी गुलामी कि निशानी

हम जापान,चीन और जर्मनी जैसे देशौं कि तरह अपनी भाषा पर गर्व करना सीखें। अपनी भाषाएँ बोलने पर गर्व महसूस करें और और अंग्रेजी बोलना छोड़ें।

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