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Ice sheets and Glaciers of Arctic are melting faster than scientists expected: Study

As per the study, the ice sheets and glaciers of the Arctic, which is the home to ecosystem and biodiversity which helps regulate our planet's weather and climate, are melting faster than scientists expected. The study further said that the Solheimajokull glacier which, like other glaciers around the world, is rapidly shrinking. The scientists in the United States' California are trying to find ways to stop the rising levels of carbon dioxide that is warming up our planet and are experimenting with gene-editing technology that can supercharge plants, making them able to take in more carbon dioxide. Do you think that it's high time to take a solid step to save our ecosystem? Comment below. Src: https://bit.ly/2IQ5pqz


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Sports Ministry decides to make sporting infrastructure accessible to all

Ministry of Sports has decided to allow National and State Sports Federations, Leagues, and Clubs to organise sports events in all sporting facilities owned by the govt, free of cost, to provide impetus to the Fit India Movement. Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju, in an official statement, expressed that the Sports Ministry has at its disposal some of the best sporting infrastructures of the country, and needs to be utilised for the benefit of promoting the sporting culture and ecosystem in the country. Do you support Sports Ministry's decision? Comment below. Src: https://bit.ly/33ucFk2

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120 Air India pilots resign due to unpaid salary

Before Air India goes disinvestment, 120 pilots of Air India gave resignation. According to media report, pilots were unhappy with the salary, there were no hikes and promotion of them. One of the pilot stated that they were not even able to withdraw salary on time. Air India is going for disinvestment because airline has a debt over rs 60,000 crore Src: https://bit.ly/2Md13Mw

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India is capable giving befitting reply to any misadventure by Pakistan: Rajnath Singh

During a speech, Defence minister Rajnath Singh slammed Paksitan Prime minister Imran khan and stated that India is ready to assist Pakistan if the neighbouring country is serious enough to combat terror on it's soil. He further added by talking about Kashmir issue saying no matter how many times Pakistan raise Kashmir issue, nothing will happen and no one can exert pressure on India. Src: https://bit.ly/2VEPznO

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