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Manjunath Kalyankar sad @manjunathkalyankar 16 May 2019 At 06:11 AM

Odisha: Cyclone Fani damaged infrastructure worth rs. 525 cr

The Odisha Housing & Urban Development’s Principal Secretary G Mathi vathanan said that the cyclone has caused loss of Rs. 525 crore infrastructure. He said, "53 urban local bodies severely affected. 291 km of drains, 750 km of roads, 267 culverts have been damaged Other infrastructures like parks, playgrounds, community centres, town halls and others have been badly affected".


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Manjunath Kalyankar great @manjunathkalyankar 16 May 2019 At 06:12 AM

CRPF bans its personnel to play PUBG, cites game deprives sleep

Recently CRPF has ordered its commanding officers to ban the troops from playing PUBG game, they said the addiction of game has affected the performance of jawan. A senior officer commented that due to addiction of game jawans have stopped socialising with colleagues & the game has led to sleep deprivation.


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Manjunath Kalyankar voted "Yes" @manjunathkalyankar 16 May 2019 At 06:13 AM

Is Mamata Benerjee running Gundaraj in West Bengal?

Since the beginning of the Lok Sabha election, West Bengal has faced riots and violence under the Mamata Banerjee rule. First, there was CBI issue, then BJP activist Priyanka Sharma was sent to jail for posting a Meme on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. She didn't allow BJP to operate rallies. In addition, Tajinder Bagga was also arrested for no reason. Do you think Mamata Banerjee is operating with 'Gundaraj' instead of 'Janataraj' in West Bengal?

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