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The ecosystem in Pune, Mumbai most favourable for start-ups: Kiran Deshpande

Recently Kiran Deshpande the president of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Pune in his recent press conference said that “The ecosystem that we have in the city and the state is favourable for startups to grow, especially for those which are based on merits.” As per the recent statistics, a total of 19,351 startups have been recognised so far out of which Maharashtra ranks first with 3,661 startups, which is followed by Karnataka with 2,847 and Delhi with 2,552. Do you think Maharashtra offers the best ecosystem and favourable condition to startups? Let us know your views in the comments. Src: https://bit.ly/2LcVihi

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‘No employee to be removed’: Nirmala Sitharaman dismisses fears of job loss after banks merger plan

Recently the FM Nirmala Sitharaman has shown her concern about the government’s decision to merge 10 public sector banks. She addressed this query and said, “I want to assure every union in every one of these banks to please recall what I have said last Friday. When we spoke about the amalgamation of banks I have very clearly underlined the fact that there shall not be one employee removed. Not at all.” On Friday, Sitharaman had unveiled a mega plan to merge 10 public sector banks into four as part of plans to boost government’s $5 trillion economy dream. Src: https://bit.ly/2PxD3r2

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Jharkhand: Severed head confirmed to be of 3-yr-old kidnapped & raped

Recently a brutal incident of rape had come in lights. As per the official reports, a 3-year-old girl was abducted from her mother while she was sleeping beside her mother at the railway station in the month of July. As per the media reports recently a severed head was found out, as per the forensic rests it was claimed that the severed head was of the same girl who was raped after being abducted from Tatanagar Station. After confirmation from CCTV footage, Sahu was arrested along with his partner in crime Kailash, informed the police officials. Src: https://bit.ly/34kYXRR

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PM Narendra Modi launches 'Fit India Movement'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched “Fit India Movement” at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on National Sports Day on Thursday. The programme aims to encourage all citizens to inculcate a culture of fitness. PM Modi urged people to make fitness a part of their daily routine and raise awareness about it. He said the launch of Fit India was a step towards a healthy India. The Fit India campaign is supported by several national sports icons including World Badminton champion PV Sindhu, sprinter Hima Das along with celebrated wrestlers Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik. Src:https://bit.ly/32dPvxo

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