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Should India ban all imports from China?

Today China for the fourth time has defended and roadblocked Jaish-e-Mohammed Terrorist Masood Azhar from being listed as 'Global Terrorist' by United Nation Security Council.

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Public Holiday on Good Friday revoked from Two Union Territories. Christians express their disapproval.

In two Union territories of India, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu public holiday on Good Friday has been scrapped by the District Administration. The Christian Community there are unhappy by this move. Priest in DNH Tony Lopes said, “This has happened for the first time ever in the history...the approx Christian population in DNH and Daman and Diu is over one lakh and with this decision people are really unhappy". The Priest have requested to reconsider the decision and declare holiday on April 19.

I stand with @christiancommunity

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Rafale Deal: Centre tells SC, “ Petitioners put National Security at risk by sharing Sensitive documents “.

In a fresh controversy in Rafale Deal case, The Centre in its affidavit before SC on Wednesday accused the petitioners of Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie and Prashant Bhushan for leaking and reviewing the sensitive information of Rafale case in December 14, 2018 verdict. Last week the Centre threatened to initiate a charge against two publication under officers secret act & claimed that the documents related to Rafale has been 'stolen' from Ministry of Defence.

I stand with @bjpgovt

I stand with @bjpgovt

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BJP Led NDA Running ahead with 36 alliance already.

NDA has partnered with old and new 36 partners for Upcoming Lok Sabha Election. The latest joinees are AGP and Bodo People ‘s Front in North East, AAJSU in Jharkhand and DMDK in Tamil Nadu. The AGP in Assam left NDA alliance for protesting against Citizenship Amendment Bill but in a new development the party has again allianced. Ram Madhav, party general Secretary in charge of North East belt said,” While Opposition is talking about Mahaghatbandhan, we already have place in North East and rest of the country. The NDA is a much stronger coalition than before”.

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