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Majoritarianism leading India down a dark path: Raghuram Rajan

The former Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan, in the OP Jindal Lecture at Brown University on October 9, outlined the issues tormenting the Indian economy and expressed that India is losing its economy way, in part because it is centralising power without a persuasive economic vision. Rajan further said that the problem was spurred by ill-conceived demonetisation and poorly executed GST. He further blamed centralisation for the Modi govt's inability to progress on the economy and included that the govt is extremely centralised which puts a lot of pressure on the leadership, which doesn't have a consistent, articulated vision on how to achieve growth. Do you agree with Raghuram Rajan's statement? Comment below. Src: https://bit.ly/2pdR4gO

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India is a conceptually a Hindu nation: Mohan Bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayansevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat, while addressing a meeting of intellectuals, stated that India was conceptually a Hindu nation, where people from other faiths had come to stay. Bhagwat without exposing the name of the Muslim community hinted that they don't realise that they are Hindus. He added that Indians are Hindu Rashtra, but at the same time Hinduism is not some form of worship or some language, it's the name of a cultural legacy which is the legacy of all people living in India. Bhagwat included that the happiest Muslims in the world would be found in India. Do you agree with Bhagwat's statement? Comment below. Src: https://bit.ly/2B8jZFM

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PM Modi gifts a hand-woven silk portrait of Xi Jingping to him

PM Narendra Modi gifted Chinese leader Xi Jinping, handwoven silk on which a portrait of Chinese leader was weaved. The portrait has been created by weavers of Sri Ramalinga Sowdambigai Handloom in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district. Amid the informal summit both the leaders emphasized on bettering trade and border cooperation. Do you think the this meeting will strengthen ties between India and China? Comment below! Src: https://bit.ly/318D84T

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2 Taj Palace hotel bags position in world's Top Hotel list

Recently, the Conde Nast Traveller Readers' Choice Awards 2019 announced their Readers' Choice Awards 2019 UK and USA that featured 17 hotels in the category of 'best Hotels In the world’, which includes three hotels from India: Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur grabs 3rs positions whereas Rambagh Palace and Alila Fort Bishangarh of Jaipur is on 7th and 11th spot. The survey is done on the basis of favourite travel destinations, hotels, spas, airlines and cruise lines, among others. Taj Lake Palace include the Royal Gangaur Cocktail and Dinner Experience atop a colourful boat that once belonged to the Maharana of Udaipur, a royal session on Jiva Spa boat where guests can enjoy a relaxing massage while slowly drifting around Lake Pichola, and more. Rambagh Palace offers similar luxury to its guests - from regal suites and royal dining experiences using gold dinnerware to riding in the fleet of vintage cars and Victorian horse carriages. Src:https://bit.ly/2VBY5UX


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