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CCTVs in all stations and coaches by 2022, says Railway Board Chairman

Recently the Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav while addressing the media has said that Indian Railways has floated tenders for installation of CCTV cameras at all stations and in all train coaches by 2022. Yadav while informing the progress said that as of now the Railways has installed CCTVs at 503 railway stations across the country. He further added that INR 2,000 crores have been allotted for CCTV camera installation at 6,100 stations. Src: https://bit.ly/2F5IJQO

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Center extends AFSPA in Nagaland till June 2020

The Union Government has decided to extend the Armed Force Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Nagaland for 6 months as the Ministry of Home Affairs asserted that the situation in the state is disturbed and dangerous. The enforcement will start from December 30 and will continue till June 30 in the next year. The AFSPA is an act that gives power to the armed forces to stop people from gathering in groups of five or more and even open fire if they find suspicious activity, to maintain the rule of law. Src: https://bit.ly/2sozEQI

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Ola to put its ‘safety scouts’ in Delhi to ensure passenger safety on New Year’s eve

Cab provider Ola has decided to put its ‘safety scouts’ in the city of New Delhi to ensure the safety of the passengers using its cab services on the eve of New Year. The safety scouts will be both male and female personnel who were specially trained by the company to provide safe mobility to the citizens. The Ola earlier rolled out an AI-enabled safety system named ‘Guardian’ which uses real-time data to find the irregularities in the trip and directly triggers a phone call by the dedicated ‘Safety Response Team’ of Ola. Src: https://bit.ly/2u4HwHq

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B’desh Govt asks Center’s written assurance to not flush out immigrants after CAA

The Bangladesh Government has sought a written assurance from the Indian Government that it will not flush out immigrants to Bangladesh after the CAA is enforced. The PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina earlier on her visit to India was given a verbal assurance by the Center that those held as foreigners after the practice of NRC in Assam will not be sent to Bangladesh but the Center refused to give a written assurance by saying that the practice of NRC was directed by the Supreme Court of India. Src: https://bit.ly/2QbBwFn

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