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Reports by NASA say India's underground water table declined over the years

India is among the worst hit states by the declining amounts of freshwater and the biggest reason behind is the reckless overuse of water. Adding a proof to this fact the scientists of NASA through various earth imaging satellites have shown the decline in India’s underground aquifer. The scientists used the data extracted from various observations made over the years using a large array of satellites. The study showed that the underground water table declined in northern India due to the extraction of water for irrigation of crops despite the rainfall being normal. Src: https://bit.ly/2Oj6Tf6

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China’s biggest junkyard fills up 25 years ahead of its schedule

According to media reports, China's biggest rubbish dump, which is 500 feet deep and the size of nearly 100 football pitches, will soon be filled up. The massive Jiangcungou landfill site, situated in Xi'an in north-western China, opened in 1994 and was meant to be the main dumping ground for the city of 10 million residents for 50 years. However, officials said they would have to shut the city's only dump for domestic garbage - 25 years ahead of schedule after it had to receive 10,000 tons of waste every day, which is four times its designed daily capacity. Src: https://dailym.ai/33TwSQQ


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After the SC verdict the first set of bricks reach Ayodhya

A group of pilgrims from Tamil Nadu’s Rameshwaram reached Ayodhya with a set of shilas or bricks after the SC’s long waited verdict. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad had launched a movement to collect bricks from every village before the 'shilanyas' (laying of foundation stone for Ram temple in the acquired area) in the year 1989. Central secretary of VHP, Purushottam Narain Singh said: "After the verdict as the way has been cleared for the construction of a grand Ram Mandir at the Ram Janmabhoomi, people have been bringing bricks that will be used in the construction. Src: https://bit.ly/32U7OaU


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'You’re real in a sea of fake' says Parineeti Chopra on BFF Sania Mirza’s birthday

Parineeti Chopra posted an adorable picture with BFF on her Instagram and wished her with a beautiful caption that said, she loves Sania because she is real in a sea of fake, Parineeti also addressed Sania as self-made, intelligent, humble and funny as well. In the picture, Sania can be seen wearing a pretty summery white dress while Parineeti wore a black dress with cold shoulders. Src: https://bit.ly/2Qpu36f

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