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“False appeals”, Arvind Kejriwal reacts to Narendra Modi’s Vote appeal tweet.

PM Narendra Modi today Morning posted 29 tweets and tagged 90 public figures and organisation to help in getting out votes in Lok Sabha Election but he didn’t tag Arvind Kejriwal. In response of PM’s appeal Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal called PM’s outreach as ‘false appeal’ by saying that lakhs of voters name were removed from voter’s list and when AAP tried to get back them registered, Amit Shah threatened to shut the Call centers.

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“Gandhis and Vadra are Family Package of Corruption”, Smriti lashes out on Congress.

Union Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday attacked congress, she said Gandhi and Vadra are a “family package of corruption”. The minister revealed the media reports which stated transactions between Rahul and HL Pahawan. Irani also alleged Rahul in financial benefit relationship with Army dealer Sanjay Bhandari. Finally she hitted out by saying that Gandhi and Vadras have only exploited the Nation.

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‘Don’t want to construct temple through Violence “, Says Swami before Ayodhya Mediation Meet.

Three panelist appointed as Mediators for Ayodhya Case met for first time on Wednesday for to start mediation process. Welcoming the SC’s decision for mediation, Swami Chakrapani said that the country belongs to all and through talks big issue like Ayodhya can be resolved.

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US based Activist Claims that Bodies were shifted from Balakot to Kyber Pakhtunkhwa after IAF strike.

Pakistan always denied that there has been casualties in Balakot attack but in new development, Urdu Media reported that some bodies were transported from Balakot after IAF strike. Senge Sering, an activist from US shared a video on twitter in which Pakistani Military officers is seen sympathising with locals and admitting the martyrdom of more than 200 militants. Us based Activist, Seing said, “I am not sure how authentic this video is but Pakistan is definitely hiding something very important that has happened in Balakot.. No local media or International media have been allowed to inspect and assess the damages there. Pakistan continues to claim that the strike happened and it damaged the forest area and some farmland”. He also added that there was no reason for Pakistan to cordon off the area for long such time.

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