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Pakistani cricket fans tear posters put up by Baloch activists in London

A group of Pakistani fans tore down posters and banners put up by Baloch activists outside Lord's in London. The incident took place on Sunday outside the iconic ground during the match between South Africa and Pakistan in London which was attended by Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. A report states that the Baloch Republican Party and World Baloch Organisation were organizing a protest to highlight the pitiable conditions and blatant human rights disregard in Pakistan. Protestors distributed leaflets outside the stadium to raise awareness about enforced disappearances of Baloch and other ethnic/religious minorities in Pakistan.

I stand with @Balochactivist

I stand with @Balochactivist

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I don’t

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Mumbai: Auto driver masturbated in front of 19-year-old girl

A 19-year-old girl claimed that her auto driver masturbated in front of her. The victim (Akanksha) complaint about the episode by tagging Mumbai Police on her Twitter handle. Her tweet read, "Hello @MumbaiPolice. I was at the Delphi Building in Hiranandani Powai at 11:45 p.m. I stopped at the UTI mutual funds office when a man came out of an auto and started masturbating to me. He has a beard, the auto has a white headlight." The Police responded, "We have followed you. Please share your contact details." The inquiry is in the procedure.

I stand with @StopCrimeOnWomen

I stand with @StopCrimeOnWomen

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I don’t

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In A Bid to Be At Par With "Rising India", UK Seeks to Enhance Engagement

The UK is lagging in the global race to engage with India as it has failed to adjust its strategy to fit India's enhanced influence on the world stage, a new British parliamentary report concluded on Monday. The report also stated that the two countries failed to capitalize on a mutually beneficial bilateral relationship. As the Indian Ocean expanse is identified as a vital arena for closer defense and security cooperation between the two countries. The issue of a formal apology for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was also raised. The findings will feature heavily throughout the UK-India Week.


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PM Modi Grants Rs 30 Lakh for Treatment of an Underprivileged Girl for Aplastic Anemia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sanctioned a grant of Rs 30 Lakh for the treatment of Lalit, a girl suffering from aplastic anemia. "I want the government to help my daughter in getting the treatment. I have no money. If she cannot be cured, I wish to die," her father claimed in a letter to Narendra Modi. Responding to the plea, PM Modi's office released the money from the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. A bone marrow treatment costing 10 Lakh will be performed in Jaipur for aplastic anemia wherein the body stops producing new blood cells.