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Food Wastage to be checked at Social Function. Delhi Govt. drafts a new policy.

Delhi Govt. drafted a new policy to control the food wastage at social functions and extra food to be distributed to NGO . According to this policy it will be the responsibility of Organizer or caterer to manage the surplus food or leftover to handover a NGO, so that it can be consumed by under-privileged. Also according to this policy the caterer, organiser and owner must have permission from FSSAI license from Delhi Department of food safety, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to serve hygienic food.

Rajasthan's Education Minister wants IAF Wing Commander to be added in School Syllabus.

Govind Singh Dotasra, Education Minister of Rajasthan proposes School students to know about the brave story of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as a part of their syllabus. He has pitched the request ahead and the government will soon take a decision. In a tweet on Monday he said " Abhinandan's story of bravery will be introduced in school syllabus of Rajasthan in a bid to honor him".

Washington's probe on Violation of Agreement by Pak's use of F-16 Jets during India-Pak aerial dog-fight

The U.S state Department on Wednesday stated that they are closely investigating the matter of Pakistan using U.S manufactured F-16 jet during Aerial dog fight with India on Feb 27. It is a violation of Washington's military sale agreement, which restricts Pakistan using F-16 jets against any country. U.S State Department Deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino said that he cannot confirm anything rightnow and cannot discuss content of bilateral agreement in public, but confirmed that the matter is being looked into closely.

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"300 mobile phones were active at JeM camp during Airstrike in Balakot ": Rajnath Singh

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on tuesday attacked the opposition for questioning the number of casualties after Balakot Airstrike. Rajnath claimed that National Technical Research Organisation reported 300 mobile phones were active at JeM terrorists camp during IAF bombing. However he said he cannot assure the exact digit of casualties but someday it will be known. Mr. Singh told this at public gathering after inaugurating BSF's project.