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Maharashtra: State to launch emergency medical toll-free number for farm animals

Recently the state, Maharashtra is soon launching an emergency medical services (EMS) for animals. To reach out to a large population the state is introducing a toll-free number - 1962. Dr Prashant Bhad, assistant commissioner, animal husbandry department said, “The toll-free number 1962, basically, is an ambulance and will treat ailing animals on the spot. Through this service not only will we have the data now on how many animals require treatment, but will also be able to look into the number of notifications we receive through these call centres.” Do you think such services should be introduced by other states as well? Let us know in the comments. Src: https://bit.ly/2Nk74YJ

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Twitter faces outage across several countries including India

Yesterday, the microblogging website, Twitter has faced a sudden outage across several countries worldwide including India for several hours. As per the media reports from DownDetector, the outage was registered at around 7:36 PM in India. The platform's Android and iOS apps also displayed error messages like 'can't retrieve tweets at the moment' and 'something went wrong'. The backend software, TweetDeck was also reportedly not able to post anything. Src: https://bit.ly/2Mvsdzz

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Mumbai: Auto driver assaulted by minors, claims he was told to ‘go to Pakistan’

Recently an auto-driver, Azhruddin Qureshi (32) had claimed that he was hit by 3 around 17-years-old boys and was asked to “go to Pakistan”. However, the boys had claimed of contrary events in which the auto-driver had knocked down their bike in which one of the boys was injured near the eye as well. Senior Inspector of Vikhroli police, Sanjay Joshi, said, “The three were allowed to go as they were minors. Based on the sections under which they have been booked, they do not need to be arrested.” Src: https://bit.ly/2TQ7O9d


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No evidence that India is fouling US sanctions, says US top official

“We have no evidence that India is running afoul of US sanctions,” Special US Representative to Iran, Brian Hook said. People have alleged that India uses Chabahar port in Iran, which is shipped further to Afghanistan. Since the US has pressurized India to stop using Chabahar, people have claimed that it interferes with the development of Afghanistan. In response, Hook said, “I’m not familiar with the evidence that you are citing,” adding that India is not violating the US sanctions. Src:https://bit.ly/31LPTmO

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