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Keshav Prasad Maurya slams Mayawati over ‘Modi fake OBC remark.

Deputy CM of Madhya Pradesh, Keshav Prasad Maurya slammed Mayawati over her statement “Mulayam is not a fake OBC like Modi”. He said, “Mayawati is saying this because of her ‘anxiety’. On one hand Mayawati have ‘nakli bhatija’ (fake nephew) and on other hand you have ‘nakli bua’ (fake aunt). They are insulting PM Modi by using such derogatory language”.

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"Pragya's remark on Hemant Karkare evokes strong reactions" - BJP gives clear view on the same

The BJP on Friday itself from the remark on Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur who claimed that 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare died because she cursed him for "torturing" her. While the IPS association condemned Sadhvi Pragya's statement, the Congress demanded an apology from PM Narendra Modi. The BJP statement said "The BJP is of the clear view that late Hemant Karkare died bravely fighting the terrorists. The BJP has always considered him a martyr. The statement of Sadhvi Pragya is this context is her personal opinion, possibly due to the years of physical and mental torture that she faced".

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You have turned into leech. You suck the blood of common people: Navjot Singh Sidhu targets PM Modi.

Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu while addressing a Press conference slammed Modi over de-regularising diesel prices. He claimed that earlier the price of only petrol could be changed and diesel price remained the same but after Modi-led govt came into force they de-regularised the price of diesel. to deliver benefit to some business houses. Further attacking at NDA, the Congress leader said, “NDA govt has hiked excise duty on petrol by 263 percent and 400 percent on Diesel. Middle class, Farmers and Working class directly got affected by this".

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I stand with @navjotsinghsidhu

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"Naveen Patnaik has outsourced decision-making to others" - Dharmendra Pradhan

Union petroleum and skill development minister and Odisha BJP leader Dharmendra Pradhan tells Ashok Pradhan that he is confident his party will be able to prevent Naveen Patnaik from coming to power for a fifth successive term. When asked about Naveen Patnaik as a rival Pradhan said "Naveen is no more in the game. He is not in control. He doesn't take any decision. He has outsourced the decision-making process to certain unelected associates. With their financial clouts, mining mafia is actively involved in the decision-making process. They call the shots. Naveen only remains the face".

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