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"If you have the courage then file a case against me" :Digvijay Singh to PM Modi over Pulwama attack tweet.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh was targeted by PM Modi and BJP for calling Pulama attack an "accident". Many leaders from BJP called him Anti-National and demanded legal action against him. In response to this Digvijay on twitter challenged the PM & BJP to file case against him.

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Do you stand with Rahul Kanwal? "A Question to BJP doesn't mean a question to Army" : Rahul Kanwal

India TV Conclave held in New Delhi last week, where Rahul Kanwal, Senior Journalist from India TV questioned Union Minister, Piyush Goyal that if there is a pressure on India to convince the public about Balakot Mission's success. In response Piyush Goyal slammed Rahul Kanwal for asking such question and suspecting Airforce mission. In exchange of words Rahul Kanwal said the Airforce hasn't given no. of casualties but BJP party member claimed of killing 300 to 400 terrorists, so the question to BJP is not question to Army.

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