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Pakistan's Visa duration for U.S reduced to 3 months.

U.S government on tuesday reduced Visa duration of Pakistani Nationals to 3 months from 5 years, which is also applicable to Pakistani journalist apart from civilians. The government has also increased the visa fees from $160 to $192. The news was reported by ARY news quoting U.S. Embassy spokesperson. This move is called to be a retaliation by US after Pakistan reduced the Visa duration for US citizen and increased the Visa fees.

Mukesh Ambani ranked 13th in the list of Richest man in the world.

According to Forbes's list released on tuesday, Mukesh Ambani is on no. 13 in the list of Wealthiest man around the world. Mukesh Ambani jumped 6 positions up to be on 13th. Ambani owns USD 60 billion oil and gas giant Reliance Industries. Jeff Bezos of Amazon topped the list with $ 131 billion again.

At Kumbh, Mauritian PM couldn't resist from taking dip in clean Ganga, says Yogi Adityanath.

While addressing a Press Conference on Conclusion of Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj on Tuesday, U.P CM. Yodi Adityanath said Mauritius PM Pravind Jugnauth came at Kumbh back in 2013 for taking holy dip in Sangam, but had gone back without it due to pollution & filth existed back then. But this time foreign PM couldn't hold back from taking a dip in Clean Ganga.

Kudos to @CleanGanga