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Do you stand with Rahul Gandhi that nobody knows that Prime Minister went to a university or not?

Rahul Gandhi is connecting with students in Imphal: We still have not approached the PM's college degree. Nobody really knows whether the Prime Minister went to a college or not. There has been an RTI recorded in Delhi requesting PM's college degree yet it has not been reacted to.

I stand with @rahulgandhi

I stand with @rahulgandhi

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I don’t

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Can Mayawati Resurrect BSP in 2019 Battle?

Despite having the highest vote share across the country (4.2%). BSP has been on a decline even in U.P Assembly from 206seats in 2007 to a mere 19 seats in the 2017 elections which almost drop of 90%. Will BSP with SP alliance, would be able to change its fortune in the Lok Sabha election, which is a month away!