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Maharashtra Polls: Do Vote, says CM Devendra Fadnavis

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis on his Twitter account stated that voting is an individual right, duty and is an integral part of democracy. "Do vote!". As per media reports, Fadnavis is seeking re-election from Nagpur South-West constituency and is pitted against Congress' Ashish Deshmukh. Polling for 288 constituencies of Maharashtra has begun today at 7 am and will continue till 6 pm. Src:

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Plans to launch more than 10 5G smartphones in 2020: Xiaomi at World Internet conference

Xiaomi Corp CEO Lei Jun, while speaking at the World Internet Conference in the eastern Chinese town of Wuzhen, stated that the company plans to launch more than 10 5G smartphones in 2020. As per Lei, demand for the phone exceeded the company's expectations and led to supply chain issues. The device's reception has promoted Xiaomi to launch 5G models for the high, middle, and low-end price tiers in 2020. As per media reports, Xiaomi has enjoyed success in Europe as the company's market during the 2nd quarter of 2019 stood at 9.6% from 65% the year prior, making it one of the fastest-growing phone brand in the region. Src:

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20% students attending schools in Kashmir, 100% in Jammu: Govt

Jammu and Kashmir's administration in its report stated that 20% of students in Kashmir and 100% in Jammu have started attending schools and there is no restriction on the movement of people anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir. The officials added that also 86.3% of teachers in Kashmir and 100% in Jammu are attending schools till Friday. It included that around 21,328 schools in Jammu and Kashmir have started functioning. Earlier last week, the Jammu and Kashmir administration had announced the dates for year-end examinations from class 5-12. Src:

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There might be Earth-like planets in the universe: Study

Researchers, in a new study, have found that there may be numerous Earth-like planets in the universe. Scientists have developed a new method to analyze the elements in rocks from asteroids or rocky planet fragments that orbited six white dwarf stars. Alexandra Doyle, a UCLA graduate, stated that by observing white dwarf stars and elements present in their atmosphere, she would expect to see hydrogen and helium. But with a new method, she can also see other materials such as silicon, magnesium, carbon, and oxygen that can be accreted onto the white dwarf from bodies that have been orbiting them. Researchers added that oxidation of a rocky planet has a significant effect on its atmosphere, its core and the kind of rocks it makes on its surface. She included that the rocks from the astroid are very similar and are Earth-like and Mars-like in terms of their oxidized iron. Src:


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