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Karnataka: People queuing up at RTO office following amended Motor Vehicle Act

In Karnataka's Kalaburagi district, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) witnessed several people queuing up at the premises after the new Motor Vehicles Act implemented in the country. As per media reports, people came to apply for the driving licence, others came to get their expired vehicle papers renewed. RTO officer Dhamodhar, in an interview, stated, "There are long queues for renewal of the driving licence and vehicle registration. People are getting their paperwork done to avoid hefty fines as per the newly amended act". He added that as compared to the same time last year, almost 30% more fines have been collected from September 1, 2019. Src:

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Couple murdered and hanged on a tree in Bihar over an alleged Extra-Marital Affair

The bodies of man and woman were found hanging from a tree in Iguni village of Paraiya, Gaya. The reason behind the murder was said to be an alleged extra-marital affair between the two. The police informed the media, it was evident that first they were killed and then hanged to the tree. Further, the police said that the murder was done by Woman’s husband and his friends. Father-in-law and the woman's husband are in police custody and the investigation is underway. Src:


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Corrupted Indian Democracy

On behalf of my muslim brothers and sisters- Views on the above statements- "Nice strategy by telling in the favour of the 'obvious' majority(hindu's) to gain votes by the majority and win. The indian govt. Whoever it maybe, Should follow the the indian constitution.But by this, the current govt. Is denying the presence of the term SECULARISM in the Constitution. Which is clear and proven right there ^^^^^^^. Which means the govt. Isn't even doing it's duty well, so should it be even called a GOVERNMENT????? I've stated everything which says that indian govt. Is useless. " - Zuhair(myself)