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Pakistan’s Army following Coward policy of rape and pillage: Baloch leader Mehran Marri

A Baloch leader Mehran Marri has exposed Pakistan’s hypocrisy when the country has been alleging India of human rights violations in Kashmir. “Pakistan Army is notorious for its policy of rape and pillage like they conducted Operations Searchlights in Bangladesh. It is resorting to the same policies in Balochistan now”, the Baloch leader said. Earlier also Baloch leaders have accused Islamabad of committing genocide and human rights violation in Balochistan. Src:

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There is peace in Kashmir: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while addressing an event, stated, "From August 5 till now, we did not have to fire a single shot and not even a single person has died. There is peace in Kashmir". Shah further said that even though surgical and airstrikes give extreme joy to the people, but to take such decisions need huge courage. The airstrikes changed the way the world looks at us now. He added that some govt work for 30 years and take one big decision, but our govt worked for five years and took over 50 major decisions, including GST, demonetisation, airstrikes, etc. No one else dared take it during their tenure. Src:

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Delhi: Mentally challenged woman gang-raped at public park, left for dead

In New Delhi, the police have started investigating the alleged gang-rape of a girl aged around 23-years-old who has been found in a semi-conscious state at a public park near the Sarai Kale Khan bus station. As per media reports, the girl has been shifted to a hospital where she is undergoing treatment and the present situation of the girl is critical. The reports further said that two anonymous men spotted her alone in the park and pulled her behind the bushes where they gang-raped her. As per police, seven police teams have been formed to identify and nab the culprits. The reports included that the girl may be mentally challenged which is why she has not been able to give police a detailed description of the assailants. Src:

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Not true that just by giving reservation, community will progress: Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, while addressing an event on 60th Foundation Day of Mahatma Phule Education Society, expressed, "When people fail to get a ticket based on their works, then they bring forward the caste card". Gadkari further said that reservation should be given to those who are oppressed, Dalit, socially, and economically backward sections of the society. However, it's not valid if someone says that just by giving reservation the community will progress. This is also false that the communities which got maximum reservation progressed because to it. Src:

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