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206 officers being sent to field as a part of restructuring: Bipin Rawat

Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has expressed that 206 officers are being sent to field areas to improve the operational productivity of the forces. While several senior and reemployed officers would be brought to work at the Army Headquarters to enhance experience and knowledge levels. Rawat further said, "The Defence Ministry has approved the proposal to rebuild the Army Headquarters. Now we will begin the implementation of the plans". Early in July, the proposal to rebuild the Army Headquarters was affirmed under which the force would be revamped to face the difficulties of modern warfare. Src:

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118 new Community Radio Stations to be set-up across country: Prakash Javadekar

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar, while addressing a press conference, announced that 118 new Community Radio Stations (CRS) will be set-up soon across the country. Javadekar further said that Community Radio is an extraordinary method to communicate with the public and to provide opportunities to local artists and the govt is going to expand community radio to numerous territories which will begin in few months. "The licence for such stations for educational institutions and aspirational districts and Maoist affected areas will help in strengthening the local folk culture and social relations", he added. Community Radios are small (low-power) FM Radio Stations with a coverage area of 10-15 km radius, depending on the topography of the region. Src:

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Arvind Kejriwal praises PM Modi govt's Motor Vehicle Act

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, while addressing a press conference, praised the Motor Vehicles Act passed by the PM Modi government. Kejriwal expressed, "There has been an improvement in Delhi's traffic ever since the new Motor Vehicle Act has been implemented. If there is any clause due to which people are facing more problem, then we have the power to reduce the fine and we will certainly do it". This comes when several states have publicly expressed that they intend to decrease the fines. Src:

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Do you think the government should rethink over hefty fines laid on traffic violation?

Recently the parliament passed the amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 which imposes hefty fines on violation of traffic rules. The new regulation came in effect from September 1. Although the bill was passed in the parliament but was not adopted by many states because of the excessive amount of penalties. Recently in New Delhi, a truck driver was fined Rs. 2 lakh for driving an overloaded truck and a scooter rider was charged 16,000 Rs for not carrying documents. Do you think imposing hefty fines on common people is justified? Or the govt should deliberate over it again? What's your take? Comment below!

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