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The claims by Indian Army regarding the surgical strike are false: Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor

After the claim by the Indian Army to have carried out surgical strikes in POK on Sunday, the Pakistani army came up with a statement of denial, saying that they are ready to take any foreign diplomat or media at the site at which the Indian Army claims to have pursued the action. The Pakistan Army’s spokesperson Major General Asif Gafoor said that he is disappointed with the claims which General Bipin Rawat has made as he holds an important designation, Major General Gafoor added that such claims by the Indian Military leadership after the Pulwama incident can disturb the peace of the region and this is against the professional military ethics. Src:

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Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi slams BJP MLA Bakshish Singh Virk calls him "BJP's most honest man" over EVM's

Amid voting on for 90 seats of Haryana and BJP’s Manohar Lal Khattar seeking his second term in the state, congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted a video slamming BJP MLA Bakshish Singh Virk, in which he can be seen claiming that whichever button voters press, the vote will go to BJP Govt and the congress leader further calls him 'BJP's most honest man' in his tweet. The MLA responded by claiming that the video is fake and merely an attempt by the opposition party to defame the BJP govt. Do you think the video is an attempt by Rahul Gandhi to defame the BJP Government? Src:

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A man named Dilip Barik traveled over 500 Km from Rourkela to Berhampur, to donate blood.

A piece of news that will restore your faith in humanity came shining from Odisha, where a man named Dilip Barik from Rourkela, Jharkhand traveled over 500Km to reach Berhampur, Odisha to donate his blood. Sabita Raita from Mandasingi village gave birth to a girl through on October 13, after which her life was in danger due to extremely low hemoglobin levels. She needed an immediate blood transfusion but had a blood group ‘Bombay A positive’ which is extremely rare. Dr. Rashmita Panigrahy the in charge of the blood bank of MKCG hospital in which Sabita was admitted, through her searches on social media located and contacted Mr. Barik who agreed to rush to Berhampur to donate the blood. Should the government put more effort into organizing campaigns to bring blood donors in their database? Src:

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Hidden agencies working to disrupt peace in the Kashmir valley: General Bipin Rawat

The Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Sunday said that after the abrogation of article 370 the things are returning to normal in Kashmir valley but there are attempts to disrupt peace in the valley. General Rawat giving the account of intelligence inputs said that there are hidden agencies that are working hand-in-hand with terrorists, both from inside and across the border from Pakistan and POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir), to create hassle in the valley. General Rawat has also said that there have been multiple intelligence inputs about the infiltration of terrorists from across the border. Do you think the security forces and the Indian government are doing enough on their part to maintain peace in the Kashmir valley? Comment below. Src:

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