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14 Out of the 26 Lifters Failed in Drug Test

During the National weight lifting championship, At Visakhapatnam, several weight lifters, including 2010 Commonwealth games gold medallist have failed in a drug test. Official sources have confirmed that individual names are concealed till now but 14 out of 26 weight lifters, who were tested randomly by National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) found guilty and a few others could follow suit. Sources also confirmed that some of them are from railway and services.


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"Only PM Modi has the right to hold rallies and meeting?" - Mamata Banerjee asks EC

Mamata Banerjee, while expressing her disappointment over the EC's decision asks "Does PM holds the privilege to hold rallies and meetings in the state, nobody else? Did he encounter any security issue? Then why EC has stopped us from holding meetings? PM Modi's rally was four kilometres away. For what reason do they think only PM security is important and not others? Why did they stop the election campaign? What do they think, whatever the EC says, that'll happen? Don't we have any right to hold meetings in this country?

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After asking Cricketers to Go and have sex, Coach Apologies in his Book

India's former mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton mentioned in his book "The Barefoot Coach" that he had made one of the biggest mistakes of his career by asking players to have sex. Upton in his recent interview as well mentioned "That was just the jokes and tongue-in-cheeks mistakes that I made. It certainly wasn’t instructions or suggestions to players. But, yes, I made the mistake, as I mentioned in the book, easily my biggest professional error,”


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Virat is says "We are absolutely clear about our World Cup squad"

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper who will lead the team India in CWC this year told that "The Indian team management are 'not confused' about the composition of the ICC World Cup 2019 squad despite their ODI series defeat against Australia as only one slot is up for grabs". The Indian skipper also added, "No excuses, we’re expected to raise our standard of cricket".

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