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Arvind Kejriwal appeals with 'folded hands' to prevent Delhi pollution

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, on his Twitter handle, appealed with folded hands to Punjab and Haryana govt to take solid steps against stubble burning to prevent Delhi from becoming a 'gas chamber'. Kejriwal further said that his govt is making all possible efforts to reduce pollution and will continue to do so. As per govt data, Punjab and Haryana have recorded an increase of at least 2,400 farm fires, a major contributor to the air pollution in Delhi till October 27. Recently, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in several regions of Delhi slipped to the 'severe' category. Src:

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British MP's back Boris Johnson's plan to hold general elections on December 12

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had suggested a December 12 general elections which received a backing of the MP's in a vote by 438 to 20 margin. With the deadline of Brexit plan moved to 31st January, 2020 these general elections will let the PM to try and win a public mandate in favor of the Brexit plan. Johnson had said that the public must be “given a choice” over the future of Brexit and the country. Src:

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