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If Adnan Sami can have Indian citizenship, why can't other Muslims?, says Raza Murad

While giving an interview, Bollywood actor Raza Murad expressed that he has no objection to the law. But the law should be equal for everyone and the government cannot exclude someone in the name of religion. Recalling on granting citizenship, he said the country gave singer Adnam Sami who was from Pakistan a citizenship. Murad stated he has no objection to Sami's citizenship. But the object that you are keeping only one community apart and you are showing that they are different. The government should give citizenship to anyone irrespective of religion, he added Src:

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So what if there’s no internet in Kashmir? all they watch is dirty films: NITI Saraswat

NITI Aayog member V K Saraswat said that the suspension of the internet in Jammu and Kashmir does not make any difference. He questioned what do they watch on the internet there? Besides watching dirty films. He further added that politicians used social media to fuel protests. They want to recreate the protests happening on the roads of Delhi in Kashmir. Saraswat is one of the Chancellor of JNU. Src:

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ICC shared a glimpse of the largest cricket ground in the world being built in Ahmedabad

Recently the International Cricket Council (ICC) has shared a glimpse of the world’s largest cricket ground, which is being built in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As per the media reports, this Cricket ground will have the capacity to hold 110,000 fans together. The ground will be having 11 pitches being laid there, which are expected to be of three varieties. Some with red soil, some with black and some would be a mixture of both. Src:

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Indian team members wear black armbands to honour Bapu Nadkarni

In today’s 3rd ODI match of Indian against Australia, Indian Cricketers have a worn a black armband. The reason behind this gesture was to honour the former all-rounder Bapu Nadkarni, who died earlier this week. Bapu, who passed away at the age of 86 was best known for bowling 21 maiden overs in a row in a Test match in 1964, which is still a world record till this date. Src:

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