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MeToo #MeToo

A Man masturbates on a Woman & abuses her outside metro station in Delhi

An unknown person masturbated on a woman on an escalator of a Huda city Metro station in Delhi. The women spoke out about the incident on Twitter. A complaint was lodged against the man. The woman further alleged that she first complained to Gurugram police about the incident on Facebook but they did reply and later when she messaged the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, she was called to check CCTV footage. #shame #metoomovement #stopsexualassaultonwomen #dontmasturbateinpublic

I stand with @MeTooMovement

I stand with @MeTooMovement

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I don’t

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There should also be #Mentoo movement: TV actor

TV actor Ravi Dubey while interacting with private media said there should be a #mentoo movement to give the alleged a benefit of doubt. He said, “#metoo takes public trial and social media trial before the actual judiciary trial which is very unfair. The case must be looked from both the ends. I think the benefit of doubt needs to be given to him as well. So there should be #mentoo movement too”. Do you stand with #mentoo movement?

I stand with @Mentoo

I stand with @Mentoo

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I don’t

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Hollywood Movie Director reaches to 300 Cr. of settlement with #METOO accuser

American Fim producer Harvey Weinstein and the woman who has accused him of rape has settled on nearly 300 Crores (44 Million). There is also a criminal case pending against Weinstein in Manhattan, in which he has been charged with rape and other sex crimes too. According to the official information, they will remain intact.


That's Great

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That's Sad

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“Ironed out differences? Is this a shirt that you can iron ?These are serious allegations of Sexual misconduct” : Ashok Pandit

Ashok Pandit, Chief Advisor of Federation of Western India Cine Employees slammed actress Tina Datta for making and then withdrawing sexual misconduct accusations on co-star Mohit Malhotra. The filmaker asked how can the actress make such serious allegations and step back. “Is it a joke?” He asked. Ashok said such actions leads to belittling of serious #MeToo allegations.

I stand with @ashokpandit

I stand with @ashokpandit

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I don’t

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