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Ensure safety of Kashmiri students in Karnataka: JKSA urges BS Yediyurappa

The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) urged Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa to ensure the safety of students from Kashmir who study in different parts of the state. The Association also asked the CM to personally look into the matter for the safety of the students and to preserve peace and harmony in universities and colleges. Nasir Khuehami, the spokesperson for the association, sought retribution and stern action against the elements involved in roughing up students in court. Three Kashmiri students were assaulted in court premises earlier on February 17 after they were presented in court on sedition charges. Src: https://bit.ly/2PaPqql

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Disruption of supply chain due to Coronavirus a case of natural calamity: Finance Ministry

In an official memorandum, the Ministry of Finance stated that the supply chain disruption due to the spread of Coronavirus in China or any other country will be considered as a case of natural calamity. The Ministry also confirmed that a Force Majeure Clause (FM) may be exercised where applicable. An FM means extraordinary events or situations beyond the control of man, such as an incident described as God's act of events such as war, earthquake, riots, crime. It added that an FM clause in the contract, when hindered by such occurrences from meeting their contractual obligations, frees all parties from contract library or responsibility. Src: https://bit.ly/2Pac9Tn

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Most of the works done ahead of Trump's visit are of permanent nature: AMC

In the midst of full swing preparations in Ahmedabad to welcome US President Donald Trump for a two-day visit, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has announced that works are of a permanent nature, which is being done in view of Trump's visit to the city. AMC Commissioner Vijay Nehra has said the corporation has very good financial health. Nehra further said the corporation has spent funds mainly on improving the infrastructure around the stadium that the people will be using in the coming time. He added that this stadium is expected to host most of the important matches in the future. Src: https://bit.ly/2V6JfYj

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19 die in bus-truck collision in Tamil Nadu's Tirupur district

Nineteen people have lost their lives in a collision between a bus from Kerala State Road Transport Corporation and a truck near Avinashi area in Tirupur district, Tamil Nadu. As reported by the media, the bus was on its way from Bengaluru in Karnataka to Ernakulam in Kerala when the mishap occurred. The sources added to the deceased's bodies have been taken to a govt hospital in Tirupur. Src: https://bit.ly/2V1HgEy


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