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16-yr-old creates record to be the youngest one to clear 14 levels of the Sanskrit Shastra exam

Priyavrata Patil, a 16-year-old from Goa created a record by becoming the youngest to clear 14 levels of the Sanskrit Shastra exam ‘Tenali Pariksha’. He has completed his studies till 8th std in a private school. “I never saw any difference between modern and ancient education system.. both are education only”, said Priyavrata. "I want to be like my father by teaching others whatever I’ve learned and taken the legacy forward. I want to serve the language and the ‘Shastra’,” added Priyavrata Patil who recently received special applaud from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for becoming the youngest to clear the Tenali Mahapariksha at the age of 16. Should Sanskrit language be promoted more effectively in educational institutions as it holds a lot of historical importance? Src:https://bit.ly/2kLmNnJ


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Karnataka: People queuing up at RTO office following amended Motor Vehicle Act

In Karnataka's Kalaburagi district, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) witnessed several people queuing up at the premises after the new Motor Vehicles Act implemented in the country. As per media reports, people came to apply for the driving licence, others came to get their expired vehicle papers renewed. RTO officer Dhamodhar, in an interview, stated, "There are long queues for renewal of the driving licence and vehicle registration. People are getting their paperwork done to avoid hefty fines as per the newly amended act". He added that as compared to the same time last year, almost 30% more fines have been collected from September 1, 2019. Src: https://bit.ly/2kyF084

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