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Dash DurgaSankar doesn't stand with @congress @dashdurgasanka 14 Mar 2019 At 05:48 PM

“Is PM promoting made in China or make in India?”, Congress mocks BJP.

Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewla on Thursday while addressing a press conference derided BJP for promoting imports rather than Made in India. Randeep claimed that when Congress left the centre India imported Rs. 50,000 crore worth goods from China and now the figures has arised upto rs. 70,000 crore. The congress leader also accuses Smriti Irani for misusing MPLAD fund while citing CAG report in a press conference.

I stand with @congress

I stand with @congress

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I don’t

40 votes

Dash DurgaSankar stand with @nirmalasitharaman @dashdurgasanka 14 Mar 2019 At 05:48 PM

UPA did not take stern steps after 26/11 terror strikes: Nirmala Sitaraman hits out at Congress.

Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday while addressing Delhi BJP workers claimed that earlier government did not take important steps after 26/11 Mumbai attacks. She claimed that Narendra Modi always emphasized on Zero tolerance policy against terrorism.

I stand with @nirmalasitharaman

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Dash DurgaSankar doesn't stand with @congress @dashdurgasanka 14 Mar 2019 At 05:48 PM

“Modi has failed to deliver rs.15 lakh to poor & Women Security isn’t assured,” Priyanka Vadra attacks BJP in her first Speech.

Priyanka Vadra recently appointed as General Secretary in charge of UP East delivered her first formal speech on Tuesday in Gujarat. During her speech she pressed on some important issue on jobs, poverty, farmer’s distress and Women safety. There is a huge excitement and optimism in Congress party after Priyanka joined active politics. Congress supporters personifies her as late “Indira Gandhi”. Is Priyanka Vadra a powerful Weapon for Congress to win Lok Sabha election 2019?

I stand with @congress

I stand with @congress

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I don’t

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Dash DurgaSankar voted "YES" @dashdurgasanka 14 Mar 2019 At 05:49 PM

Should India ban all imports from China?

Today China for the fourth time has defended and roadblocked Jaish-e-Mohammed Terrorist Masood Azhar from being listed as 'Global Terrorist' by United Nation Security Council.