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BJP gave tickets to criminals and they got elected to sit in parliament: Alka Lamba

Congress leader Alka Lamba in a debate show on a news channel when interrupted by the anchor to not take the name of the Hyderabad rape victim’s, backlashed to say that the same channel was the one to reveal the name of the victim in the first place. She pointing out at BJP, said that according to a data the highest number of criminals were given tickets by the BJP and these men got voted out to sit in the parliament. She also cited the Unnao rape case and said that because the BJP MLA was involved in the case the victim is suffering in the hospital. Src: https://bit.ly/386cLRX

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India is a ‘Hindu Rashtra’: Ravi Kishan on Citizenship Amendment Bill

After the Citizenship Amendment Bill was cleared by Cabinet to be tabled in the Parliament, BJP MP Ravi Kishan expressed that India is a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, as 100 crore Hindus resides in the country. He further added that there are many Muslim and Christian countries but it is amazing that citizens have a country called 'Bharat' to keep alive our culture. When he was asked about the opposition, he stated that the opposition parties have gone mad over the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Src: https://bit.ly/2LkqbQk

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Former militant Moni Gogoi in Assam turns into good man & is now working to empower youth

A man named Moni Manik Gogoi from Dibrugarh district in Assam was a member of a banned militant group. He was booked by the local police under the TADA act and remained in prison for a year. After he got released, he realized that the armed struggle against the government is of no help. He was helped by the Oil India Limited to renovate a local school in which he was made a general secretary. Gogoi also developed training centers for the youth to train them in the verticals like hospitality, nursing, tailoring and electrician work in his town. Src: https://bit.ly/2L2Srqz

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500 Indian users warned against government-backed hacking attacks: Google

The Threat Analysis Group of Google has revealed that it notified around 12000 users across 149 countries to make them alert against the government-backed hacking attempts during the period of July to September this year. Among these users 500 were from India. The attacks could have a purpose to steal the intellectual property, intelligence collection, targeting the opposers of government policies, destructive cyberattacks or to coordinately spread disinformation. This is the second incident regarding the privacy breach of online users after the WhatsApp revealed a spyware attack on Indian users this year. Src: https://bit.ly/2q2sL6m

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