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Uttar Pradesh govt plans prepaid smart electricity meters from November 15

Uttar Pradesh Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma has said that the state govt is planning to install prepaid smart meters for electricity consumption from November 15. Sharma added that the exercise will start from the residence of officials, elected representatives, and Ministers. He included that the govt's intention is to make electricity affordable for everyone. Src: https://bit.ly/2WqSXmS

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More than half of 11-year-olds have smartphones: Study

In the United States, new reports have found that one-fifth of eight-year-olds or third-graders now have smartphones too, up from one-tenth in 2015. Teens between 8-12 who use smartphones have over half of all screen use for watching TV or Videos, while 31% is spent in gaming and just 2% reading. Teens between 13-18 spend 39% of screen time on videos, 22% on gaming, 16% on social media, and 2% on reading. Do you think that parents should teach their children about the negative effect of excessive usage of the smartphone? Src: https://bit.ly/2MZLcRy


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Facebook launches new preventive health tool

Facebook has launched a new health tool to push users towards preventive health measures. The Preventive Health tool connects users to health resources and helps with setting checkup reminders. Facebook, in its official blog, has clarified that the activity within Preventive Health won't be posted publicly or shared with others. Facebook added that it won't have access to the actual test results and won't show ads based on the information provided in the tool. Src: https://bit.ly/2Wnn3HM

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Uber Eats unveils new delivery drone design

Uber Eats, at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, has disclosed its new delivery drone design and expressed that it plans to start the testing in San Diego in 2020. The new drone design features six routers that allow carrying dinner for up to two people and will take eight minutes, including loading and unloading the package. As per media reports, the drone will be sent at landing zones rather than store-to-door flights. Uber drivers will meet a meal-laden drone at a “staging area. The drive then delivers it to the customer. Src: https://bit.ly/2WmHKnm

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