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Ajay Chauhan sad @ajaychauhan 10 May 2019 At 08:32 PM

NASA Shares an image of ’Power Cut’ in Cyclone affected Odisha

The US space agency NASA posted a picture of a power outage in Odisha after ”extremely severe" cyclone Fani hit the state. The pre and post effect on 'electricity' due to cyclone in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack were shown in the images shared by NASA.


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Ajay Chauhan voted "YES" @ajaychauhan 10 May 2019 At 08:32 PM

Is PM Modi considered a good leader Globally?

TIME Magazine, an Internationally acclaimed magazine did a controversial cover story on Narendra Modi, stating him as ’divider in Chief’. The magazine story accused Modi of failing to abridge the gap between religious divides in India and demeaned other political candidates of the party. The Magazine referred Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath a “hate-mongering priest in robes of saffron”.

Ajay Chauhan stand with @yogiadityanath @ajaychauhan 10 May 2019 At 08:31 PM

"What Congress couldn't do in 55 years, PM Modi did in 5 years" - Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath said "You must have seen that Modi Ji...what Congress could not do in 55 years, PM Modi did in 5 years. Be it pensions for senior citizens and widows, loan waivers, home to poor, electricity connection and gas connections to poor and a lot more."

I stand with @yogiadityanath

I stand with @yogiadityanath

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Ajay Chauhan stand with @trivendrasinghrawat @ajaychauhan 21 Apr 2019 At 08:05 PM

“India’s prestige has gone up under PM Modi” - Uttarakhand CM

Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said on Saturday that under the leadership of PM Modi, the prestige of India has gone up in the world. Rawat said “Earlier India’s economy stoop at the 11th position; now it is at 6th position and the growth rate has reached 7.03%.” Further, he said “country’s youth want Narendra Modi to return as the PM. Our youth feels PM Narendra Modi can fulfill their expectation of an empowered India. The youth see only one such face to do this.” And added by saying “Modi has shown the willpower and now the situation is that after the Pulwama attack, Pakistan and China have been sidelined in the world.”

I stand with @trivendrasinghrawat

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