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Earthquake of magnitude 4.3 strikes in North Gujarat

On Wednesday at around 10.31 PM North Gujarat has witnessed a minor earthquake of magnitude 4.3. According to the Institute of Seismological Research, the epicentre (The point from where it started) of the earthquake was 31 kilometres from Palanpur in north Gujarat at the depth of 3.1 kilometres. As per the official sources, the tremor was also felt in Aravalli and Banaskantha districts of Gujarat and Mount Abu and Abu Road region in Rajasthan.


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Centre reconstitutes eight Cabinet committees

PM Narendra Modi-led central government has reconstituted eight cabinet committees. The eight committees which have been reconstituted includes Cabinet Committee on Accommodation, Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs, Cabinet Committee on Security, Cabinet Committee on Investment and Growth and Cabinet Committee on Employment and Skill Development. PM Modi will be the part of six committees in the newly-constituted eight cabinet committees, barring Cabinet Committee on Accommodation and Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, while Home Minister Amit Shah will be the part of all cabinet committees.

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Delhi Boy Fired Bullets and threatened to kill wide open

A Boy from Delhi was found walking on the streets and carrying a loaded gun. When he came outside of a house, he asked whereabouts of the resident. He did not stop there and fired bullets over the door following by firing the bullets in the air. Currently, the boy was booked under relevant sections of the Juvenile Justice Act


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MS Dhoni with Regimental Dagger to Pay Tribute to Indian Army

MS Dhoni is known for his fearless batting, lightning-fast stumping and world-class leadership around the world. But he also is a man of honour and that he has always proved with his small gestures, like the one in the recent match of ICC World Cup 2019 opener against South Africa. MS Dhoni wore the regimental dagger insignia (A Military Badge) of the Indian Para Special Forces on his gloves to pay the tribute to the Indian Army. The picture hit the Internet and went viral in no time.

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