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Rajnath Singh to launch three naval projects in Mumbai on Sept 28

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be launching three significant naval projects in Mumbai on September 28. The projects include the commissioning of the second Scorpene submarine INS Khanderi, the first P-17A warship Nilgiri, and inauguration of Aircraft Cartier Drydock. Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar, in an interview, stated, “These projects will upgrade the Indian Navy's battle potential, reach and sustenance many folds and the Aircraft Cartier Drydock will be the largest dry dock that the Indian Navy will have and will be capable of dry docking Vikramaditya. These projects are in line with PM Modi's flagship programme SAGAR (Security And Growth for All in the Region)”. Src: https://bit.ly/2mmMGuF

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100 days of the govt is just a trailer, the entire film is remaining: PM Modi

Ahead of an official announcement of dates for assembly elections in Jharkhand, PM Narendra Modi, while speaking at a public meeting in Ranchi, portrayed the NDA alliance as ‘Kaamdaar’ (work-oriented) and ‘Damdaar’ (strong). Modi further expressed, "100 days of the govt is just a trailer, the entire film is remaining, it is just the beginning, we have 5 years. We have taken the pledge to work for the people and that is the reason the govt made instant triple talaq illegal to empower Muslim women, we pledge to end terrorism, to work for the advancement of Jammu and Kashmir and to act against the corrupt". The elections in the state are likely to held in November-December, with the BJP govt under CM Raghubar Das seeking to replicate the success of the Lok Sabha elections. Src: https://bit.ly/2lJDEHD

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Make people equal partner in development process: Vice President

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, while interacting with the officers of 2017 batch of Indian Administrative Services (IAS), stated that people have to be made equal partners in the improvement procedure for any democracy to be effective. Naidu further asked the officers to connect with people regularly to be receptive to their issues and also urged them to invest time in the field as real education comes from there. He also asked the officers to take the lead in translating "Swarajya" to "Surajya" by giving corruption-free, citizen-centric, and business-friendly governance and to ensure that fruits of advancement reach all citizens to cause a recognisable improvement in their personal life. Src: https://bit.ly/2k9QPRE

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Bihar: Clash erupts between locals and police after couple fined for traffic rule violations

In Bihar's Patna city, after the police fined a couple travelling in a car for violating traffic rules, a clash erupted between a group of locals and police in Bhattacharya Chauraha area. As per DSP Kumar Indra Prakash, a police officer stopped the couple’s car as they passed the zebra crossing and were not even wearing seat belts. They didn't have PUC, insurance, and driving licence. When the police informed them about the fine imposed for violating the traffic rules, the couple started shouting and created a scene. Later, other locals also gathered and started protesting against the police. After sometimes, the arguments shifted into the clash. After which the police called in the additional force to disperse the crowd because some people started pelting stones towards the police and the police started lathi-charge. Src: https://bit.ly/2kGGiOb


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