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"Both AAP and Congress are on slippery ground" - Meenakshi Lekhi

The BJP candidate from the New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, in an interview, said "A political brouhaha is being created about sealing and it is not helping the traders to say the least. Careful and strong handling is needed for this issue in the Supreme Court, not on mics. We have already amended the Master Plan for Delhi, 2021, wherein floor area ratio norms were relaxed for local shopping centres and one-time conversion charges were reduced. In 2006, the whole mess was created by Maken who as the Union Urban Development Minister had shoddily amendments to the master plan. AAP's Goyal doesn't even know how governments in Delhi to notify 351 roads in Delhi as commercial, which would solve half the problem at one go.

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"Politics over education and health is better than politics over religion and caste" - Manish Sisodia

Delhi's health and education minister Manish Sisodia said: "I feel that politics on education, health and such relevant issues is better than politics over religion, caste and hate, which plays with the sentiments of people carry no weigh." This was the response from Sisodia on Monday after the BJP lodged a complaint that Delhi's health and education minister was sending letters to voters. Sisodia also said in his reply that public money wasn't spent on sending the letters by him.

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"BJP getting access to official documents in Tripura" - Congress

Congress vice president Tapas Dey in Tripura on Tuesday said: "...a letter of the Returning Officer addressed to the chief secretary of Tripura included in documents attached in the BJP memorandum to the CEC, a representation by Tripura Civil Service Association and the chief secretary's letter to the ECI." Dey further said the BJP was not supposed to have access to such government documents and alleged they were given to the saffron party in an unauthorised manner and demanded an inquiry into it. Dey said that he has lodged a complaint (about the BJP getting to official letters and documents) with the chief election commissioner on Monday.

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Army to add T-90 ‘Bhishma’, 460 Russian Origin battle tanks.

The India Army will soon upgrade itself with 460 Russian origin T90 Bhishma battle tanks worth Rs. 13,448 crore by 2022-2026. According to Army official, the T90 Bhishma will soon be produced in Avadi Heavy Vehicle factory under the Ordnance factory board.


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