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"PM Modi the modern-day Aurangzeb, destroyed hundreds of temples in Varanasi" - Sanjay Nipuram

Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam on Tuesday said "When I came to Varanasi, I saw hundreds of temples have been destroyed in the city. Now for the darshan of Lord Vishwanath, there is a new inflict of Rs 500 fee. By seeing this I feel that PM Modi is a modern-day Aurangzeb and has succeeded in destroying those temples which the people of Banaras defended even during the peak of Aurangzeb's cruel regime." Nirupam further added "I condemn the modern day Aurangzeb who has to impose a jizya (tax) on the devotees who wants to visit their lord.

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"Congress taking pride in being a vote-splitter" - PM Modi

PM Modi in an interview mocked the claim by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi that their party had fielded weak candidates in certain seats in UP to benefit SP-BSP nominees by BJP votes. Modi said, "In these polls, the position of the Congress' party can be gauged from the fact that the party is taking pride in being vote splitter, that party which once ruled the country, from Panchayat to Parliament." Modi further said that after the completion of five rounds of polling it was clear that a pro-incumbency wave was in place. "BJP will get a clear majority in these elections and NDA's allies will also emerge victoriously. NDA government will be formed again with an absolute majority."

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"Why Congress is upset on Rajiv Gandhi's remark? I stated the fact about him." - PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday justified calling the late Rajiv Gandhi 'Bhrashtachari No 1', Modi said "I don't understand why Congress is upset over the remark. When the Congress president abuses the sitting PM or makes fun of the poverty of the PM's family, this family of Congress praise the remark. But the Congress leader loses their cool if I say something about his (Rahul's) father. Modi further claimed that no one from the Congress family had either said Rajiv Gandhi was not corrupted or that his statement was factually incorrect.

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"Wait till May 23, you will know who he (PM Modi) is" - Amit Shah slams Congress

BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday, defending the PM Modi's statement against former PM Rajiv Gandhi, said "Congress, Mamata Didi and those in the gathbandhan are crying foul. What was wrong with Modiji's statement? Congress and other parties have insulted Modiji on 51 occasions. It is fine if one insults the existing PM, but Congress cries foul when the lawlessness of a former one is exposed. Is it not an insult that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called Modiji Duryodhan? Wait till May 23 Priyankaji, the people will make you realise whether he is Duryodhan or Arjun."

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