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Dalit man beaten to death for eating in front of Upper caste man.

National Human Rights Commission has decided to probe a case of death of Dalit was who was ruthlessly beaten up to death for just eating infront of Upper Caste man. The incident took place in Uttarakhand’s Tehri Garhwal village. The commission decided to take the action after meeting with a delegation, which included Dalit-rights activist Tarun Vijay along side the members of the Human Rights Defence International.


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"Wanted to give PM Modi 'tight slap of democracy' after he called TMC tolabaaz" - Mamata Banerjee

TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday addressing an election rally, said "Money does not matter to me. This is why when Narendra Modi came to Bengal and accused my part of being Tolabaaz, I wanted to give him a tight slap of democracy. Children will learn the wrong things and the country will face a downfall if they will see this kind of lying PM." She further accused BJP of carrying 'Gada' to break the head of the people and 'Talwar' to cut their throat. Now they have lakhs and crores of rupees. They move with money boxes, Gada in one hand and Talwar in another. This is their politics with no ideology."

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"Don't know if Kejriwal is CM or Dharna Mantri" - Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath took a jibe at Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal at an election rally and said "It is difficult to know if he is a CM or a Dharna Mantri. He sits on a protest whenever a development scheme comes. Is it appropriate for a CM to sit on a protest?" Yogi further said "Uttar Pradesh was infamous for potholes in roads and bad electricity condition before two years. And today when I entered Delhi, the AAP has converted Delhi into potholes." Yogi added "AAP emerged against the corruption of the Congress but now they are restless to contest elections with them. It is dangerous for the society and the country to do politics without principles in a democracy."

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"Before speaking on Rafale, give answers on AgustaWestland deal" - Nirmala Sitharaman

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the opposition party and said "The Supreme Court has given its verdict on Rafale deal. Comptroller and Auditor General of India has also given its report on it, I think it is on the Congress party if you are still talking about it. Before questioning the PM or the Defence Ministry, first, give answers on AgustaWestland and also on Backops Limited. They themselves have a lot to answer too."

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